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TUG |  South and Central - Mexico City | Sep. 17th - 27th, 2021


TUG | South and Central - Mexico City | Sep. 17th - 27th, 2021

$3.99 per person

EVENT DATE | September 17th, 2021

EVENT NAME | South and Central - Mexico City

START TIME | 12:00pm

END TIME | 12:00pm

END DATE | September 27th, 2021


END LOCATION | App Enabled

REGISTRATION FEE | $3.99/person


1ST PLACE: $150 Amazon gift card

2ND PLACE: $100 Amazon gift card

3RD PLACE: $50 Amazon gift card




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This game is in part developed by interns from the Humber College Faculty of Business: Hospitality and Tourism Management program - and powered by TUG. Designed to help global citizens stay active and healthy, this experience offers players an opportunity to explore one of the western hemisphere's oldest civilizations and densely populated urban centres - Mexico City, Mexico. Top players must find up to 20 unique locations, correctly answer questions and collect points for a chance to win great prizes.

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