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The Scholar Series - Heart of Paradise | Colombo


The Scholar Series - Heart of Paradise | Colombo

$3.00 per person

EVENT DATE | June 1st, 2022

EVENT NAME | The Scholar Series - Heart of Paradise | Colombo

START TIME | 12:00pm

END TIME | 12:00pm

END DATE | June 7th, 2022



PRIZES1st Place in the Series - $250 Prepaid Mastercard





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This experience will start on the island's west shore in Pettah - Colombo's preeminent district for boutique shops, street-food, and luxury shopping. Colombo is Sri Lanka's largest metropolis and best known for world-class hotels and stunning beaches. My name is Vindya, and this is my city.


This game is part of The Scholar Series and designed to help you stay active, healthy, and unpack a diversity of unique stories created by Centennial College hospitality and tourism students. The top player must register for each game, find each unique location, correctly answer questions, and collect the most points (in all games) for a chance to win one $250 prepaid Mastercard.


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